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2006 Subaru Outback headlight

L headlight isn’t working. this is my landlady’s car. Autozone sold her a new bulb that I installed since they took the old one. Still no light. I exchanged fuses that didn’t change anything

Try another new bulb, if that doesn’t work, suggest she take the car to a mechanic.

You know the right headlight bulb is good, try putting that in the left one. If that doesn’t work , try and find a ground wire (Black) from that headlight. Remove, clean and re-tighten it. Or , send her to a mechanic.

After trying the bulb from the right side and that does not work just say you have reached your limit. because no good deed goes unpunished .

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Mopar huh? I used to have a few, '69 Road Runner and its little sister Satellite, and a '75 Dodge Coronet Interceptor. It nearly killed me having to sell them! Thanks for the imput

Sorry! I hit your reply icon instead of old mopar man. Thanks again

That’s ok, if he wasn’t using old mopar man, it would have been appropriate for me.

Agree with others, if it’s not your car it’s time to stop. If you’re determined to go farther, use a volt meter, test lamp, etc. to verify power and ground at the bulb socket. Trace the current path, is the headlamp relay good, is it getting the proper voltages? Is there power to the fuse, a problem at the ignition switch, etc? In rare cases a bulb or fuse that appears solid may be open circuit - check for continuity with a meter or test lamp. Be careful when probing multi-pin contacts, shorting the wrong ones together will generate more problems - better to rig an extender. By now you’d be far deeper into someone else’s car than you should be.

Thanks so much, yes, that’s too far to be into my landlord’s car! Problems could beget problems. I went the simple way of exchanging fuses. I know about testing for power and ground, but even if I found it, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for repairs. Anybody taking over would (or should) want to test for themselves anyhow. Thanks again

Could also be a problem w/daytime running light module.

AFAIK Subaru of that year has simple resistor DRL, which I was able to successfully defeat to run HID retrofits.
Considering that this generation uses projector type focusing device, I did not feel guilty to other drivers, as focusing was very good and it was no glare to their eyes.

Now, what I learned on my 2007 Outback when one headlight went out like this was that it has two separate fuses, for left and for right side, and I managed to short-circuit and blow one, at which point one light was out… until I retraced wires and replaced fuse.