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Subaru Legacy Outback transmission hesitation

My 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback with auto transmission sometimes hesitates after coming to a stop at a light or intersection. I press the accelerator and nothing happens and then kaboom!, it kicks in. After a stop, I’ve gotten good at noticing if the idle speed carries the car forward, if no, then the transmission is not engaged and I won’t give it the gas. When I sense that the idle is engaged, I can accelerate. It’s been happening for over two years. Sometimes bad, sometimes not so bad. I’ve had the dealer change transmission fluid but other than that they haven’t found anything wrong.

My daughter is starting to drive and I don’t want her driving this car until I figure out what’s wrong. Any suggestions besides a new or used tranny? This is not a good situation.

I assume the fluid level is where it is supposed to be and that isn’t the cause of the trouble here. There may be a sticking valve causing this problem. I suggest you try using a product from K and W called Trans X. If there is a sticky valve that should clear it up. Incedently, other Soobs have had this same problem.