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car hesitates when accelerating after coasting.

will need much more information to help you…model, year, mileage etc…

2004 subaru outback, 2.5l engine with 92,000 miles. The dealer wiped the computer clean and reset it. Transmision fluid flushed, valve cover gaskets and sparkplug seals replaced, also the AF sensor was replaced.

Did you have the full 90k service done on the car?
That includes spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, + a slew of other items.
If all of the required maintenance is not up to date, performance will suffer.

could be related to having the transmission flushed…is this flush listed in the service schedule?

The 90k service includes changing (NOT flushing!) the trans fluid.

I’d also like to know if you’re the original owner and it’s a new characteristic, or if it’s done this since you’ve owned it?

And, is this your first automatic tranny?

Automatics do have what feels like a hesitation when you accelerate after coasting. The tranny control module has to get all its signals together for the changed condition and go through the process of shiftng. With a manual tranny it’s a “hard connection” mechanically, it doesn;t shift unless you shift it, so any lag comes from the engine.

I had everything the dealer required.

I am the original owner and it’s not my first automatic.

Check the fluid level in the transmission