Subaru Legacy AC fan blower issue

I am having issues with my blower not working. Sometimes it does, most times it does not. When it does blow it blows cold and hot air. I took the air filter out and cleaned it and visually inspected the fan behind the glove box. At that time I had the fan setting on high but it was not blowing. When I reached in I spun the fan manually and it kicked on high. I turned the car off and back on, no fan blowing. Reached in and spun it and it turned back on again. Any ideas?

Replace the blower motor.



I’ve seen talk of the “resistor”. Is that a possibility too or do you think blower?

No, a resistor either works or it doesn’t.
Also the resistor is by-passed when the fan switch is on High

That tells us the blower motor is shot and needs replaced

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I hope you aren’t doing this with your hand. My friend ‘Lefty’ says that’s a bad idea…


Thank you all!

Let’s see?

A plastic squirrel cage fan with maybe 64th H.P. motor taking off a limb?


The blower motor has a ring of copper contacts that goes around in circles when it is running. These copper contacts slip past stationary pieces of carbon (called “brushes”) in order to provide electrical power from the stationary part to the moving part of the motor. The copper contacts and brushes are wearing parts, along with the motor’s bearings, and one or more of these eventually fail. In days of yore the individual part that failed was replaced, keeping the motor in service. In our modern times the whole motor is replaced.

I bet your a real hoot at parties, huh?

For those that don’t understand humor:
DISCLAIMER: I don’t really have a friend named “Lefty” and if I did, he probably wouldn’t have lost his hand by way of a plastic blower motor wheel out of a Subaru Legacy…


unfortunately the clip does not show whether or not the guy kept his tongue… :slight_smile:

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