05 Legacy Brakes

Hi the dealer suggested I replace my rear brake pads which are at 3mm thickness and they will smooth rotors for $300.

My question is 3mm really time to change pads or can I wait?

It can wait until you can get a second opinion. It sounds like you need to get them replaced very soon, but you can still drive it to the next guy. $300 is a lot of money for a simple brake job. This doesn’t need to be a dealer maintenance fix. Try a good independant mechanic.

I forgot to mention I have a $100 voucher towards Subaru service from a credit card I have. Is $200(out of pocket) too much to pay for pad change and rotor resurface? I can likely beat them up on price more and get an additional $30-$50 off the $300.

The local chain here called ‘Just Brakes’ will do a pad change and re-surface the rotors for $99 per axle. I do all my own work, so I can’t says what I paid for the last time. But, I think anything over $160 is questionable. If you can get the dealer down to $200 or less with that coupon, it sounds right for dealer work.