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2009 Subaru Outback noise when braking

When I step on the brake to slow down, my car make a ruff sound.

Then get your car in to a mechanic immediately! Your brake pads may be worn completely to the metal and that isn’t good - it means you will not be able to stop very well and you will be (and likely are right now) making the repair much more expensive every mile you drive.


A sticking caliper slide pin can cause noise problem also.

Thank you, brought my car in. New pads, rotors.$500.

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Thank You for following up!

Ask your mechanic if stopping sooner or getting the brakes check sooner would have spared the expense of new rotors. Also, I’d be interested to know if you live in a state with auto inspections and how often. Many years ago and before many complaints Virginia has semi-annual inspections. They probably saved on repairs and prevented accidents but weren’t popular.

I needed new pads, and rotors. Car is driving quietly now.

… and you and your passengers are much safer.
Thank you for updating us.