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Subaru ad

Just saw a Subaru ad, touting their “PARTIAL ZERO EMISSION VEHICLE”.

That has the most idiotic ad in a long time!

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A lot of vehicles are rated PZEV and it is necessary in some markets.

How can anything be a partial zero?

I’ve seen the PZEV logo and didn’t research it

It’s an official classification, not ad-speak. Here they are:

TLEV (transitional low-emission vehicle)The least stringent emissions standard in California. California phased-out TLEVs in 2004.

LEV (low-emission vehicle)The minimum standard for all new cars sold in California as of 2004.ULEV (ultra-low-emission vehicle)

SULEV (super-ultra-low-emission vehicle)SULEV emissions are 90% cleaner than the average new model year car.

PZEV (partial-zero-emission vehicle)A PZEV meets SULEV tailpipe emission standards, but has no evaporative emissions (i.e., no unburned fuel leaves the fuel system). A PZEV has a 15-year / 150,000-mile warranty on its emission control components.

AT PZEV (advanced technology partial-zero-emission vehicle)An AT PZEV meets the PZEV requirements, but also meets some of the necessary conditions of a ZEV. AT PZEVs include dedicated compressed natural gas vehicles and hybrid vehicles with engine emissions that meet PZEV standards.

ZEV (zero-emissions vehicle)The emissions of a ZEV are 98% cleaner than the average new model-year vehicle, and has no tailpipe emissions. These include battery electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles (fuel cell vehicles).

If I try to put in a tag, the bottom of the page disappears, with the "post discussion" button.

I’ve had similar problems on other web sites, discovered it was b/c of the way I had my browser’s “View” menu configured. Suggest to make sure you’re using zoom = 100% and “Medium” text size.

Sorry for the partial thread hijack, but I’ll test out the tagging issue and would appreciate anyone else speaking up, either way. Thank you.

I had to look up what it actually meant but on the back of our rented Nissan Micra in Ireland there was a pure drive badge, mostly marketing speak for low emissions

Nissan speak for low emissions (on the back of our rented Nissan Micra in Ireland)

I guess I’ll have to see the commercial to find out what is idiotic about it. Were they throwing old tires on a bonfire?

Most commercials are idiotic so what is new.

Colleges churn out marketing majors in droves every year. The car industry is just one area where these BS artists congregate.

That was the point of my post, the marketing BS. “PARTIAL ZERO” is a meaningless term, but I guess it has meaning to marketing majors.

It has no meaning to marketing majors, it’s the term used by the EPA etc. And it is correct: it’s applied to cars designed to have zero emissions from the fuel system. So part of the car has zero emissions.

I understand the designations… but does the industry really expect the general public to know what they mean? 99.9% of the people probably just think they’re more marketing BS anyway.

I miss the days when power, technology, and drivability were the industries major marketing attributes rather than emissions.

Subaru commercials are sickening. Love–it’s what makes a Subaru…
Always makes me think of Talking Heads’ Love for Sale song and video.

Oh, is that the ad where the guy drops the engagement ring in the snow? Pretty stupid and irresponsible to me. I bought an engagement ring and it took me 6 months of army pay to pay for it. No way would I have dropped it.

If someone wants to know what it means, they can find out. All that matters to most people is whether they can register the vehicle in their state, and that is fine.

My wife thought the ad stupid as well.

That Love-Subaru ad is embarassingly lame. Another equally lame Subaru ad involves the tree hugging Woodstock hippies.

The GM “Real people, not actors” ads are also lame.