Focus air filter

07 focus has lifetime air filter. U replace entire assy if go/no go indicator is red. They sell aftermarket assy’s for $130 which have Removeable filter elements. And there are even $70 versions floating around. A Korean copy of a Chinese knockoff? The cars that are pzev have them. Our car has 70k miles but lived in very dusty climate. Motor is very dirty/dusty. Not oil greasy. I wonder if filter is ok? Indicator is green so I figure it is. But, 8yrs on original filter is out of my comfort zone.

LOL, you’ve brought back memories!
My 1972 Vega had a sealed air cleaner canister too, only the canister was steel. It sold for $12, which was a lot of money in 1972. I cut the canister open around the periphery, removed the residue of the filter element, and found a filter at a parts store that I could replace the element with. That canister was clearly designed and built to frustrate any attempts at opening it… it was almost bomb proof. Never have I had more difficulty opening anything.

My suggestion for you would be the same; cut the box open and gut it, then find a filter that’ll fit. You’ll probably find a second “filter” in the box, which is actually a carbon bed. It’s there to prevent hydrocarbon molecules from wafting out of the stopped engine. An engine will always have a cylinder on the intake stroke with the intake valve open and the injector spraying when you stop it. The EPA requires that those hydrocarbons be captured too. You might not be able to find a carbon filter to replace it, but it isn’t monitored by eth ECU in any manner and the engine will run perfectly without it.

Good luck.

I think the PZEV housing is in the same location as the non-pzev cars? The main box has an inlet on the bottom which than routes up towards the wheel well and into a 2nd canister? I think u replace the main box with a modified box that has an internal replacement filter and toss the 2nd box. But, if we plan on getting rid of car in 2yrs why bother? That’s assuming current filter is also ok.

I’d keep using it as long as the indicator is green. It monitors the pressure drop caused by dust.

Is it possible to blow compressed air backwards through this thing?

I wouldn’t since you can’t see it. You could damage it and not know it.

My 1972 Vega had a sealed air cleaner canister too, only the canister was steel. It sold for $12, which was a lot of money in 1972.

Fram actually made a kit so all you have to do is replace filter element. Funny thing…the Fram kit was cheaper then the GM replacement filter.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Fram or Wix didn’t make a kit so you can just replace the element.

1/2 dozen utube videos showing job. box 1 is resonator. box 2 is filter box. you can replace box 2 with a similar design unit with filter element or remove box and install cone filter. or even buy an oem filter box.

Darn Mike, where were you in 1972 when I could have used that information? {:smiley: