Subaru 2007 Tire Pressure Indicator Light

My Tire pressure indicator light starts FLASHING after driving for 15-30 minutes. It does not stay on but continues to flash every 3 seconds. I stop to check tire pressure and my tires are fine. After a couple weeks of this, I took it to the Subaru Service who checked the tire pressure indicators and it said all 4 of them were bad. They reset them versus replacing them and 20 minutes after I left the subaru service center, the flashing started again. Subaru says that it is unusual for all 4 to be back at the same exact time and recalibrating them should have fixed it. Now they would like to replace each of them for about $150 parts&labor EACH. That seems crazy. Is there something else wrong? Something else they can fix? Is this a legitimate repair? My subaru is the Limited LL Bean version, 6 cylinder, has 60K miles on it and is in top condition. I live in a rural area and typically only drive it on interstate. Had new tires put on 10,000 miles ago. THANKS!

Six years is probably about the most that you can expect the batteries to last in the pressure sensors that are installed inside each tire. As a result, I doubt if there is any solution, other than to:

Replace them
Simply ignore the light

Please bear in mind that the TPMS was never intended as a substitute for frequent, manual checking of your tire pressure. It is intended to warn you about sudden, catastrophic pressure loss as you are driving. Thus, it does serve a purpose, but you could also do without it, as we did for so many decades until this warning system came along. Just make sure that you frequently check your tire pressure–and correct as necessary.

Also, you should bear in mind that there is no need to go a dealership for the replacement of these sensors. Any large tire shop can do this work for you, most likely at a cost substantially lower than the dealership. I would suggest that you phone several large tire dealers and ask if they do this work, and get an estimate from them for that work. The difference in cost might surprise you.

They’ve got little batteries in them just like a watch and go dead after a period of time. The dealer should have checked for codes to see if it was a problem with the receiver or not.