2016 Subaru Forester - TPMS light issue

The lite comes on I thought it was the tire pressure I fixed that problem and the lite won’t go out it says check your time

You mean light ? And it is now 6:31 PM .

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Some cars require that you drive them a couple miles for the light to go out.

Copied from your “Owners Manual”

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The Owners Manual can be a source to answer questions about a person’s vehicle ? Who would have thought that was possible ?


I own a 2016 Forester, and my TPMS light has been off and on intermittently in the past without cause. My mechanic told me the batteries in these do not last forever, that he could replace them (the sensors) if need be, and also ensure they were programmed to be recognized by the car’s computer, and that it was not expensive. Oddly, my TPMS issue self-resolved and has been fine now for a while. If you are getting a TPMS light and all four of your tires are properly inflated, have a mechanic check into it. I do not think the Forester has a TPMS sensor in its compact spare, but that is also a mystery solver in some vehicles. Your spare requires a lot more pressure than the regular tires, so it is a good thing to ask your mechanic or dealer to check/inflate once per year.

Someone with the minimum number of brain cells should be able to check the spare tire and inflate it theirself.

The OP’s vehicle is now 6 years old, so it is entirely possible that one or more of the batteries have failed by this time.
I replace my TPMS sensors proactively every time that I replace my tires, and I have to wonder if the OP did the same.


OP, does your car’s warning inform which tire is causing the problem? If not, check the spare tire pressure too, as some tpms systems will alert for a low inflation spare tire as well.

Once per year isn’t frequent enough, at least in my experience.

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I have never seen a compact spare with a pressure sensor, which manufacture does this? Not Subaru, the owners manual states that while using the spare tire the low pressure warning light will remain illuminated. Who would have thought this information was in the manual?