Stuttering, stalling 1992 Lincoln Town Car

Runs like there is water in gas. Changed gas and still have same problem. Stutters, stalls, runs rough, using a lot of gas. Changes so far; EGR valve, O2 sensor, plugs, plug wires. Every change seems to be O.K. then after a couple of miles, it starts all over again. Is also making a slight noise.

Please list codes

Locate the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail.,1992,town+car,4.6l+v8,1188794,fuel+&+air,fuel+injection+pressure+regulator,6124

Remove the vacuum hose from the regulator.

If gasoline leaks out of this connection, the regulator diaphragm has a leak and gasoline is being sucked into the engine causing the engine to run too rich.