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96 Camry XLE v6 stalls, uses lots of gas, check engine light on

After driving about4 miles, my camry chugs, acts like its getting too much or little gas then stalls. It smells like gas and won’t start for a few minutes. I took it to a mechanic who replaced the igniter (twice). But on the way home from the shop it stalled again - same problem. Second mechanic changed the spark plugs, and fuel filter, and also checked the fuel pump, but the same problem keeps happening. Apparently the diagnostic shows all kinds of things including oxygen sensors and the computer, but nobody is sure. Please help if you can!



Since this appears to be a severe case I would examine the fuel pressure regulator to see if it’s leaking. This is easy to do and it’s also an easy fix.
If the reg. diaphragm is ruptured manifold vacuum will suck raw gasoline into the intake and this will cause poor mileage, poor running, and an assortment of codes.

Thanks very much for your reply! I’ll try that - hope its the problem!