Crud in fuel line? clogged fuel filter? fuel pump going out?


Scenario: 1996 ford probe gt 179k miles… running great this morning, fuel level about 1/2 way between 1/4 and empty… Got in the car to come home, runs great, stop for gas… fill up… notice that car starts to run a little rough halfway home.

get home, let car cool. In the afternoon, get in the car… turns ok, but as soon as I let off the gas pedal, car dies. Try this several times… try to run around a little but as soon as gas pedal is let go for a little bit… car dies…

I did a little testing… at about 2k rpm runs really rough and starts to cough, sounds fine if rpms are higher, but the minute I let gas go… sputters out

Thanks for the help!


[b]It sounds like the engine is running too rich.

If this were a problem where the engine layed down the more the throttle was opened, then yes, this would be a fuel starvation problem. But the way you describe the problem, the opposite is happening.

If the engine runs better when more throttle is applied, it usually means the engine is running too rich. And one thing that can cause a sudden rich condition is a defective fuel pressure regulator.

The fuel pressure regulator is mounted on the fuel rail. It’s a small metal canister with a single vacuum hose attached. Remove the vacuum hose at the regulator, and if gas leaks out of this connection, replace the fuel pressure regulator.



check fuel pressure, should be about 40 psi at fuel rail. change fuel filter 1st.