Stupid question

I just tore off my driver’s side mirror and bashed the door in a little backing out of a parking spot. Should I go to a mechanic, a body shop or the dealership? Anyone have a good recommendation in Seattle? It’s a 2001 Prius.

Body shop. Once you get a good estimate, you’ll probably want to call the insurance company next. You may be able to get away cheap, but I doubt it.

C’mon people, my dad’s probably in bed and I need to deal with this first thing in the morning. Thx!

First, go to your insurance company. The repair will cost several hundred dollars (or, pounds). Then, you can select a body shop to do the repairs.

Six of one, half dozen of the other IMHO.
Don’t know anyone in Seattle so I can’t answer that part of it.

Thank you Busted.

Maybe schedule an appointment with the eye doctor, while you you’re at it!

Sorry but there is no cheap quick way out of this one. It is off to the body shop. When you get the estimate, you are going to be calling for the insurance so maybe you should start there and let them pick a shop that they know will do a good job. The only automotive outfit I can remember from Seattle is TomThum towing.

Go to a body shop. Your talking close to $1000 in damages based on your description. Insurance is a good route if your deductible is not too high.

Based on your excited statement about your dad being in bed, I’d bet it’s his car. It’s also probably insured by him. Now, if he wants to go through insurance, fine, but if not, you’re on the hook for the repairs, which would likely be well over $1000.

And it will probably take a few days for a body shop to fix it, so there won’t be any ‘couple of hours’ fix for you.

I’m with Lproter on this. You need to discuss this with your dad. It’s his call.