Damage Estimate

Friend just hit a car in a minor accident. Other car’s side door was dented and side mirror likely needs to be replaced. Approximately how much will it cost to be repaired?

Not really enough info. The mirror itself could be $200 or more. I would plan on $1000 since you don’t get much body work or repair for less than that these days.

Why isn’t the friend’s insurance company handling this? That is why you pay for insurance and their support staff.

It might make a difference whether the car was a 15-year-old Chevy or a new Jaguar, don’t you think? Just let your friend handle this through the insurance company. Don’t you try to do anything more.

I would consider 2k a base starting point. Let us know the 3free estimates!

My wife electric mirror that has the defrost element costs $1000…Someone was backing into a parking spot and took it out…Luckily that was the only damage. So it really depends on the car and how much damage.

Whatever his deductible is.

I have seen new oem mirrors go from $85 to $700. Depending on the color the fender and rear door might need blending if the door needs to be changed. There is not enough info given for anybody to an educated guess.

Years Ago When I Worked For A Car Dealer Managing A Body Shop And Somebody Asked,
We’d Say, “It’s Going To Cost A Lot Of Money . . . And That’s Just A Rough Estimate !”

Sorry, too many variables. This car needs to be seen by professionals.