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Stupid people "Here's Your Sign"

I have two things to say about the “Stupid People” segment that opened today’s program.

1) It isn’t original. This was a country music video 10 - 20 years ago. Here is one version of the lyrics: http://www…-5978.html

2) In most of these cases, the other person isn’t stupid – he is just trying to start a conversation. The “here’s your sign” reaction is rude.

Marathon is right.

The entire routine, including most of the jokes, are lifted directly from standup comic Bill Engvall’s act.

Yes, it’s funny, but I’m wondering about the person who posted Envall’s routine online.

Did he/she copy it verbatim from something that Engvall published, or did he/she compose that version of Engvall’s routine himself/herself?

The reason that I am wondering about the actual source of that routine is one particular line:
“Well allright…hold my sign, I don’t wanna loose it”

Whoever actually composed that rant obviously didn’t know the difference between the words “lose” and “loose”. And, the last time that I checked, “all” and “right” were two separate words, not one word.

What was that old saying about “people who live in glass houses”?