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Stupid lights!

the blinkers keep working and not working now they arent of course… but the left one only worked then somthin happened and the left only stayed on (not bliking) when the head lights were on. then it switched now they dont turn on at all. the fuses are good the relay is good all the wires are good i got new bulbs in as well and pointers. its a pontiac starchief 1966 and the flasher is good


Turn signal circuit designs are fairly standard with most cars but it would still help us to know what vehile this problem is occuring with.

If both the front and rear signal lights are doing the same things then you might check the emergency flasher switch. Try cycling it a few times to see if that changes anything. You might also check out the flasher unit. It would also be good to know if the indicators in the dash are at least turning on.