Jetta turn signal, back-up lights



Hi everyone!

On my '95 Jetta, the front left turn signal and the back-up lights don’t work. The rear left turn signal works, blinking quickly. What could be the problem here? According to the fuse layouts I’ve seen on the web, they shouldn’t be on the same fuse.




I suspect two problems. First the brake light switch and a burned out turn signal lamp.


Joseph, I think you may ahve mis-read the post.

He said no ‘back-up’ lights.


Arrrgh, that’s supposed to read ‘have’.


Your back up light problem may be due to a faulty switch where the tranny shifter makes contact when you shift to reverse.


The fuse panel cover should tell you the location of the fuse you want.


two separate issues.

  1. change the front bulb on the turn signal.

  2. the switch on the tranmission would be the first place to check if the key is on, and there are no back up lights. are you certain you have the key ON in the run position when you are checking the back up lights?


How about chking all of the light bulbs first, I do believe it would be easier.


Hi everyone!

Thanks for these answers. I actually replaced the bulbs already, that doesn’t seem to be the problem. I also checked ALL the fuses, and they’re ok. Let me know if you have any more ideas. How can I distinguish between the remaining possible culprits?



Do the emergency flashers work normally?


And do the e-flashers use the same bulbs as the turn signals?


This vehicle being 12+ years old now may be sporting bulb socket (ground) faults.

Use a tester to ensure there is 12V getting to the bulb base.

Are the bulb sockets a bit rusty or otherwise corroded?

Also, check behind the sockets to ensure the wiring connections are solid.