Left rear light 89 Plymouth Voyager


Left rear brake-turn signal light went out. We had an old bulb (1157) from a package we bought several years ago to replace one, so we put it in.

When we hit left signal, both left and right rear blink (and left front).

When we hit left signal with headlights on, both front and rear left lights come on but do not flash.

Right flasher works OK either way.

Tail lights and brake lights work OK too.

Headlights work high and low beam.

Other info that may be important?someone had run into the left rear light and busted it, so it has been taped up for a couple months.

Anybody able to explain what our problem is? Why do we get the right rear blinking along with the left when we hit the left turn signal?


[b]You might want to check that left rear tail light that got damaged. Those lights may have lost their ground connection.

There’s a funny thing that can happen with automotive electrical circuits. If one circuit loses it’s ground when it’s operated, it can seek another available ground. And when that happens, it also causes that circuit to operate.