Stumped! On a Chevy!



I have a chevy pickup 350 that sometimes starts with no problem and I can drive. Other times it does not start. When I test it, it does crank, I get a fuel in the carb, and it gets a spark.

Since this problem started I have change out the coil module and the ignition switch. What else causes intermittent problems like this???

Please respond!

Thank you!


You don’t mention the year of this Chevy. If it is a distributorless ignition system, look at the cam position sensor. One way to narrow the problem is to use a timing light during cranking when it will not start and see if the #1 plug fires anywhere close to TDC timing mark. You may be getting spark but it may not be syncronized with the engine.


Next time it won’t start spay some ether down the carb and see if it will run on that. This wiil at least tell you if it is a fuel delivery issue.

If it runs on ether, and there is fuel in the float bowl, then the problem is the carb.


cam position sensor on carbed 350 chevy? :slight_smile:


It is a 1985 chevy 1500 silverado 4x4! Thanks