Chevy pick-up Truck 350 - won't start!

I have an '85 Chevy 350 p-truck. We have checked most everything from your website to try to get it started but it won’t start. We get a spark and fuel. It runs occasionally for some reason, but most of the time it won’t fire. I even replaced the ignition switch thinking that was it.

Here is the strange thing: when it does not start, the fuel in the cylinders fires just before I switch it to the off position. One boom and rotation. WHat is going on with this???



My guess is you have a bad connection at the ignition switch or a bad ignition switch. If you can hook up a meter to the ignition and the fuel pump and see if they are getting power when it is not starting.

You also may want to check out the compression. How old are those plugs and wires? How about the fuel filter and air filter?

The ignition module, held in by two screws in the distributor might be dead. It is easy to change. Don’t forget to grease it where it sits on the distributor. Look for frayed wires on the pickup too.

Make sure your center electrode in the distributor cap is intact.

try a test for me :slight_smile: put just a little gas in the TBI (i assume it is TBI) and see if it starts up ok. if it dose then look for the oil presure sending unit /switch dose it have 3 wires on it? if so and the eng fires up when you do the above change out the Switch for it will not let the injectors fire untill the pressure is high enough, and when worn even higher.

Thanks, but I have a 4bbl carb.