Stuck windows

my '89 corolla’s back windows are really difficult to roll up or down–i’ve tried silicone spray-- it helps a little, but hasnt really solved the problem my 2 large dogs travel in the back seat & i have a feeling the window thing is related to dog slobber, dog hair, dog biscuits, mud, etc. Should i take the car into the shop & have them take the door apart to fix the problem? or is there another (perhaps cheaper) solution?—no, I’m not getting rid of the dogs! even tho one of them managed to chew off the rear window defroster connection, so my rear window doesnt work either!!

Gotta love 'em tho eh?

Power or manual windows?

No quick fix to work for any length of time. Better off to remove the door liner and look. Could be dirty or misaligned window tracks or perhaps a faulty window regulator.

If power windows, perhaps bad wiring connections and or regulator.

Probably the mechanism is bent or twisted from your dogs pushing on and clawing at the windows. You can look at the tracks of a non-dog car and see if they look different. And you can take off the upholstery on the inside of the doors and clean and lube things up. A body shop can show you how and for a small fee will take it off for you.

Autozone ( has a repair guide for your Corolla. This section explains how to remove the door panels. Once the door panels are off you should be able to lube the window mechanism with some lithium grease.

Ed B.