Power window -- Squeak!

I have a 97 Corolla and one of the back windows squeaks when going up and down. Anyone experience this? Please let me know what you did to correct it. This is really driving me crazy, the squeak going up is particularly shrill.

buy a spray can of silicone spray. it comes with a small skinny tube to stick into the nozzle. (don’t spray it into your eyes while inserting it though!) spray it into the tracks of the window.

it DOES make a mess of the glass. but it is the cheapest way to try to get a window to slide easier.

do you have kids? i know that juice boxes and other food items get squirted down there and make them sticky too. sometimes a good cleaning helps out. often a reminder to the kids is good too!

See above about the silicone spray - for the glass-on-weatherstripping it will help the window glide more easily and may eliminate or at least reduce the squeak.

However, it is also likely that the window regulator needs lube. For that, you’ll need to remove the interior door panel, look for the (probably) metal tracks that the window slides up and down on. First clean it all as best you can, then this time find a can of spray lithium grease and lube up all of the moving parts.

If you’ve never removed an interior door panel, it is usually pretty easy once you know how it works (though it can sometimes be tedious, and sometimes easier with special funny little tools - but there are often ways to get around the tool needs). Autozone has repair guides at its website that will likely tell you how to remove the door panel for your car.

Awesome, thanks for the info! I’ll give these suggestions a shot. This online community is amazing, so many knowledgeable and helpful people.

Make sure you don’t have a little pebble stuck in the window guides and then run a very small amount of silicone spray in the guides - just enough to stop the squeek but not enough to make the window greasey. Oh, and make sure a kids head isn’t in the window during roll-up.

Unless you’re really mad at the kid and want to teach a lesson