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Stuck trunk

Hey so I recently ran into a problem with my gmc. I had a blanket in the back and when I closed the trunk it closed down on the blanket and now my trunk won’t open. I’ve tried to pull the blanket and pull the hatch open as hard as possible to no prevail. Wondering what I should do since I can no longer open the back. I figured cutting it couldn’t do any good and in fact make it harder. Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated

Is there a way to access the trunk area by removing a seat in the passenger compartment? That might be the best solution. A locksmith might have a gadget that would work too. Concur w/you that cutting the blanket isn’t the thing to do, as being able to grab hold of the blanket to torque the latch a little might make the locksmith’s job easier.

One idea you could try I guess, try twisting the blanket (with a stick say) rather than pulling on it. If twisting clockwise doesn’t work, try twisting ccw.

Since this is an SUV, try laying in the back and pushing on the hatch with your feet.

When a latch is jammed with a cloth or suit case strap, force is usually the answer. With one person in the cargo area to push on the liftgate, another to operate the outside handle.