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My trunk won't open

The trunk on my 07 mercury car is in a bind and I can’t open it. When I try the key or the opener in the car or the opener on the wireless key fob, I hear the trunk trying to open. The key will turn but not all the way and won’t open the latch to the trunk. I have ran out of ideas. I don’t want to call a locksmith because it isn’t the lock that has the problem. And I don’t want to damage the car by drilling it out. Any one know what to do?

The car might have an emergency release inside the trunk. If you crawl in through the back seat with a flashlight you should be able to see it and pull it to open the trunk

I’ve seen enough crime/cop shows to know that when you do get it open, a random dead congressman will be inside of it…

Something may have the latch in a bind, did you try pushing down hard on the trunk while using the key? If you can loosen the pressure on the latch (by pushing down on it,) perhaps the key will open it and you can see & clear out the object that is binding it (Assuming it isn’t a dead congressman…)