Stuck starter in 92 Pathfinder

I am trying to replace the starter in my 1992 Nissan Pathfinder. I’ve gotten the two bolts that hold it into place out, but the starter is still stuck to the engine. The manuel I have says it should simply pull out, but it won’t budge. I’ve tried pulling, putting vibrations through it with a piece of wood and hammer, and a lot of solevent. No luck. How do I get it off?

Double check to make sure there is no third bolt, or you missed one and removed a transmission mount bolt instead. If a sharp rap on the starter motor body doesn’t free it up, it is still fastened somewhere.

Thank you. I’ll give it another look.

The starter Bendix gear may be jammed in the flywheel.
If this has a standard tranny, put it in gear and rock the vehicle front to back and see if it releases.

If auto, pull some plugs and turn the crank back and forth with a long bar and socket.

This is if the bolts are ALL out as BustedKnuckles said.