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Stuck Oil Filter

How do u get a stuck oil filter off? I have tried the socket attachment and rounded out both the lug bolt and socket hole on it. Then i tried to use a hammer and screwdriver, now i have a gutted out stuck oil filter. Please help!!!

depending on guts remaining, using something like vise-grips to move the bottom ring int he right direction may loosen it. Another method is to carefully take a small cold chisel to move the remaining ring/debris to where it loosens. Use just enough force to loosen and then unscrew. I assume we are talking about a spin-on filter, here. A large strap wrench can also work.

It also depends on what kind of engine it’s on. (?) Some are more accessible than others. The tried and true have apparently aready been tried, and they weren’t true. IF you can get at the ring of what’s left of it, the cold chisel may also be able to knock it loose when you put a notch into it with the chisel.

You might try the filter wrench that has 3 teeth, or claws, that bite in to the filter when loosening. Based on your description, it might be too late for that. Did you put this filter on, or was it tightened by an 800 pound gorilla?

Try a strap filter wrench…or if you have room…try a pipe wrench.

I have to work in tight quarters to remove the oil filter on my 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass. One time I had a make of filter that the end wrench wouldn’t fit. I took my belt off and wrapped it around the filter. I tugged on my belt and the filter came right off. If there is enough left of the shell of your filter, you might try this technique.

Depending on the type of car and accessibility, a 16" pair of Channel Locks should work by grasping the filter ring at the base.

Sounds like someone installed the filter with a dry sealing ring and left it in place for a while.

I agree with MG . . . the worst oil filter I ever had to remove was on my old pickup . . . must’ve been on for years. First I tried “by hand”, then strap, then oil filter tool, finally a screwdrive through the filter . . which ripped the filter to shreds. I had enough room to use a cold chisel at the base of the filter . . . cut a little notch into the base, then tapped on the notch with the chisel until it finally moved. A vise grip on the remaining part of the filter is also a good idea as OK4450 suggested, never thought of that. Good luck! Rocketman

You might try the filter wrench that has 3 teeth

I have one of these and they are great. Mine work more like enlarged pliers than a wrench, and in really tight quarters can sometimes be turned like a screw rather than a wrench if you can get the correct angle.