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Stuck in park

My automatic gearshift is stuck in park. I cannot budge it, even with the key turned between on & off position. The brake will not depress and turning the wheel doesn’t unlock anything either. The brake lamp light has been on for a few months now (I didn’t know that had anything to do with this until I did my research) I don’t know how to “pop the top” off the gearshift. I would like to just be able to drive it to a mechanic who can fix this because it is annoying.

Have it towed. You have a serious problem with your brakes, and have been endangering yourself and everyone else the whole time your brake light has been on. Don’t continue the trend :wink:

since you cant work the brakes, and you cant put it in gear, you will have to have it taken to the mechanic, unless you can find one of those mobile mechanics who will come to your house. Your insurance should cover the cost of the tow. Yes the inconvienience is annoying, but you admit you had pleanty of worning that something was going worng, and you just sort of ignored it. do you have a friend who can give you a ride to work while this gets fixed?