Stuck in 4wd!

I need help. This thing is stuck in 4 low and can’t even get the 4wd shift lever to move. Well actually I did once and had it set to 2wd but it was still stuck in 4wd. I can’t find anything visibly wrong with the linkage

I could be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure that the 4WD is also actuated electronically. Check the owners manual for fuses and relays that control the 4WD.


I checked and it is not controlled ectronicially. It is on the later model rams

After reading all the Dodge Ram forums dealing with this problem it is probably the powertrain control module(PCM) that is defective… Any fault code stored?

Were you rocking the truck when attempting to shift? The Manually controlled transfer cases are meant to be shifted into and out of 4WD when moving. Once stopped the gears are often bound up and forcing the lever can break the shifter. Rocking the truck while holding a steady light pressure on the shift lever will usually allow the shift to occur. And if the front differential is operated by vacuum or electric motor the constant load on the gear train can prevent release there until the transfer case releases.

For better insight post the year and model and describe the transfer case shifter.

Here’s some things to try.


It was all great advice! Thank you everyone! Got it fixed by driving in reverse and then forward a few feet. Also had to adjust the linkage a little because the dash would say it was in 4wd when it was in 2wd

Thanks for reporting back your success. For the older, traditional 4WD systems, the 4WD should be used only on surfaces that allow some slippage of the tires. Shifting into or out of 4WD is easier if you are on grass, dirt, gravel, snow - anything but hard pavement - and turn the steering wheel a few degrees this way and that while pushing or pulling on the gear lever.