2004 Dodge Ram 2500 doesn't shift well beyond 4th

2004 dodge 2500 Cumming auto trans shifts good but not into 4th and up

If there are no faults detected by the PCM look closely at the PCM/TCM inputs for a problem. For example if the park/neutral safety switch malfunctions the computer will not allow overdrive to engage.

Not sure if the auto has shift solenoid, I have a 6 speed but I’ve had another car where the shift solenoid was sticking, I replaced it and solved the issue. Some are located within the transmission, some are accessible by just dropping the pan.

There are a lot of transmissions shops that will do a free road diagnostic test. I’d stay away from chains, smaller shops can’t afford crappy service as much as a big chain can or they’d go out of business. Shop around, do research on a good shop in your area.

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