2008 RAM 1500 - 4x4 issue

2008 dodge ram 5.7 hemi 4x4. just started to shift in and out of 4 wheel on its own. Even when the truck is shut off and key is out of the ignition. 84,000 km. i have not had it in 4x4 for months. Any ideas.

I think it’s probably going to be an issue with either the 4wd selector switch on the dash or the little electric motor gear selector on the transfer case. Unfortunately, I bet it’s going to take a pretty good (maybe even dealer specific) scan tool to figure out exactly what needs replaced. Is there a “service 4wd” light or something like that displayed on the dash?

I’d recommend pulling the 4wd fuse in the meantime if you can find it in the fuse panel. I’m not certain an 08 Dodge has one, but most 4wd trucks have a dedicated fuse. That should keep it from locking and unlocking repeatedly in 4wd on the highway and damaging the transfer case.