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Four wheel Drive

I have a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500. I have question on my four wheel drive. When I flip it in four wheel it does not seem to engage in it and the light never come on for the four wheel drive. Why does it not engage the four wheel drive when i flip it in and is it a easy to fix?

There could be several reasons why it’s not engaging.

Really can’t tell over the internet what’s wrong.

And the only thing I can add is personal experience with my 2 Ford Explorers, a 91 and 92.
If a lot of time passes between 4x4 uses, the 4x4 does not engage when the button is pushed. Some times it’s as little as from one winter to the next, Sometimes it’s years between mal-functions, but it’s always the same repair…0 dollars, priceless.
In my case it’s slightly corroded electrical contacts inside the 4x4 shift motor cover. ( borg-warner 1354 ) Pull fuse from 4x4 circuit – mark the position of the cover so as not to rotate any during re-assembly-- remove three screws from cover and remove cover – clean little finger contacts with circuit cleaner or fine emery paper – reassemble, re-insert fuse and awwaay wee gooooooooo.

The electronic transfer case on my 2000 Blazer is flaky too. Sometimes moving slowly when switching will engage 4wd. A GM tech told me that the 4wd control module locks up (software) if it’s not used on a regular basis. Disconnecting the battery to reset the module seems to fix the problem. I put the Blazer in 4wd for once a week or so and haven’t had any problems lately.

Ed B.