Stuck Hoses on Intake Manifold

I am replacing a blown head gasket on a 2003 Eclipse. Unfortunately, there are several rubber hoses (metal clamps too) that are seemingly cemented to the connectors. Is there some “old school” way to remove these hoses and still be able to use them afterwards?

Take a needle nose pliers and grip the hose at the connector and give it a couple of twists to release it from the connector.


I’ve already tried that on several different hoses. I’ve also gone around the inside edge with a small flat head to try and free it up.

I like to use channel locks as they can be opened to just the right size and you get a good grip. But frankly, if they are that stuck you might want to just cut them off and replace with new. They might be molded or something, but normally you can just rerun with generic new hose which is cheap. They might not route exactly the same way but it still works.

Cut them off and move them up 1.5 inches. There is usually enough slack…If you finally manage to get them off, you will almost certainly damage the internal cords from all the twisting and at some point the hose will fail at the connection because of that damage…

Not always possible. Don’t break the metal or plastic parts. I like to cut the ends off and slit the hose carefully and unwrap the ends from the other parts.

Has anyone ever slit the hose but made the slit to deep? This causes a lenghtwise mark on the tube and it is possible for a leak to develope just because of this mark.

I cut and replace when no amount of twisting with various pliers works.