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Dumb Dodge Neon Knuckle Q

Dumb q…

replaced the ball bearing on my 2005 Dodge Neon. I am in the process of reinstalling the knuckle…one problem though on the lower bolt (one by the ball joint) there appears to be a piece of metal keeping the bolt from going though completely. It is dead in the center by the looks of it and looks as though it is there for a reason (not like a shrapnel piece). Tried moving it around a little and even jacking up a bit and nothing seems to work. Never have missed with suspension so I am unsure on how to go about on this…

Are you talking about the lower strut attachment bolt hole on the knuckle? Any chance to take a picture? (Click on “Attach a file” below the comment window.)

(Edit: It looks like the ball joint attachment “pinch” bolt hole.)

Got it off looks like that little groove is why…need to turn it 180. Any suggestions I’m thinking vice grips but again never done this.

And another q do I need to grease the axle when I reassmble everything?

Looks like a pic of the ball joint. That should rotate pretty easily with pliers. Can you tell if there’s any grease under the rubber seal? Do you know anyone with a “needle” grease gun attachment to get some grease into the ball joint?

Very light grease on the axle splines wouldn’t hurt.

I’ll ask my dad about the grease gun. He’s an old school mechanic this thing has even had him confused when I told him the retaining bolt would not go back in.

Got off work early and was able to play around with it a bit took small pair of vices not even pressed on hard and turned. Will assemble in the morning when its cooler (and for the fact I gotta go to 2nd job).

That ball joint needs to be lubricated. If it is difficult to turn it will not last long when put back in service. Lubricate the other side also.

Was actually not to hard, just could not get grip with fingers. Vice was hardly on (i’m shocked they even snapped with the looseness and was a tiny pair. Gonna keep an eye on it will probably go ahead and replace before winter just to be on safe side did have a bit of leakage.

Thanks for the update. Happy trails…