What are struts and what happens if I don’t fix them (at $750)

They’re the cousin of shock absorbers and faulty struts can affect the handling of the vehicle, the ride comfort, and cause abnormal wear on other suspension parts/tires.

Ah, the old McPherson Strut…it’s a dance perfected in Scotland by a bagpipe player named McPherson.

But, all seriousness aside, they are “fancy shock absorbers” and an important part of a car’s suspension system – handling, braking and steering can be dangerously affected if they are bad or broken.

I could try to wade through it for you, but honestly, this woman writer does a better job than I could do…it was part of a hand-out my daughter got in her driver’s ed class…

Thank you! Sounds like I should fix it/them?

$750 seems high btw, I would suggest trying another shop, not telling them about the first place and just get a brake and suspension system check…note what the article I cited in the link says about taking your rig in.

Thank you! I’m not sure about how to use this message board so I think my first ‘thank you’ didn’t go through. Does $750 sound right?

I read the article and found it informative! I’ll send it to my sister since we are unfortunately NOT car-wise at all - Once again, thank you kindly!

Ok, I’ll shop around since it sounds like it might be serious:( oh poop, like Christmas didn’t hit the credit cards… :frowning:

A major problem with not fixing them is on bumpy surfaces. Trying to brake its much more difficult as the tire spends more time in the air instead of at the ground surface making stopping distances significantly longer. Also any bumpy roads and curves means less safe handling.

Also it tends to demolish tires with uneven wear.

I ignored struts too on a 95 Civic for a bit due to a similar replacement cost and many other maintenance items needed totaling another over $1000 on a 225k car . I found the handling to be abysmal and at times unsafe on the roads if driven at normal speeds around metro Boston. I drove really slow amongst some really patient Bostonians :slight_smile:

“$750 seems high btw”

Maybe, do we know what make/model vehicle we are talking about?

“$750 seems high btw”

Maybe, do we know what make/model vehicle we are talking about?

EXACTLY…On some cars $750 is CHEAP…But on others…it’s expensive. Also need to know what struts they are quoting you one…

I always recommend purchasing lifetime warranted suspension, shocks and struts. That way you are only out labor if the item fails. This minimizes the overall costs of repair to you. It is also one of the few items I trust to Sears to get done. They have sales and/or labor specials that can bring the cost down considerably.

Knowing year, make, model of car would help in providing you with more specific advice.