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Rough ride after transmission service

Hello all:

My 98 Civic EX Automatic with 117k, has a rough ride - a new recent problem. I did not notice it until two days after I got my transmission serviced. So, I got a rebalance and rotation as was recommended by the same shop, but the ride is still bumpy. It feels like my wheels are uneven and bumps in the road seem pronounced. I hate to ask, but could I need new struts?

I feel like a sitting duck.

I appreciate your help - I also appreciated the responses I got on the distributor/engine power questions. I really like this car and am trying not ot give up on it.


Check to see if the tires are overinflated (sticker in door jam)

I’m not saying this is it, and I don’t know why, but if they raised the car and let the struts extend, and they have some wear on them, they can lose their functionality. I had a fuel pump replaced and after being on the lift, the rear struts didn’t have any movement in them at all. Just hard as a rock and had to replace them. So do a bounce test at least to make sure they have normal movement.

Okay thanks oldschool, I will check on that.

Thanks Bing! Would you know if there is a site online where I could get an idea how much new struts should cost? I know someone I trust for the bounce test. I will take it there this weekend.

If the struts are original they are done or well worn out. Bounce test you can perform yourself.

Any of the auto parts store websites (Advance Auto, Autozone, O’Reilly) can give you an out the door cost for the struts. Your mechanic may add a markup, but it is a good ball park on cost as well as availablility. If you do choose to replace, get lifetime warranted parts, to avoid extra costs later if a strut fails prematurely.

Thanks Jayhawk, and everyone for advice. I took it into Midas today, they told me my wheels had been balanced incorrectly. It now rides better, but it was discovered that one of my rims was bent 1/4" out of true - that wheel is now at the rear. So it won’t be perfectly smooth but in their opinion, it’s not a big issue. Midas had no concerns for safety - my rear struts were fine - I did the bounce test beforehand. They just said my front struts may need to be replaced after a year or so. They quoted me $400. +/-. They seem pretty honest.

Several years ago, I had taken a previous car (a Sentra)to this Midas, and one of their technicians said that I needed new struts. When I brought the car back to get the work done, the manager told me that I didn’t need the struts and my drums were just warped. He said that technician no longer worked there b/c he had mislead other customers. I have always appreciated his honesty.