Shocks, struts or wat


a 88 mercedes and when driving it sways badly. Ive had it checked and was told by 1 it was the shocks and struts, 2nd said it was the control arm bushings while the 3rd mentioned it was the tire pressure and the struts were fine. anyone have any advice


What model, how many miles on the shocks? Have you gotten a good alignment? It’s pretty easy to rule out tire pressure, and shocks can make a big difference (don’t let them put on anything except Bilsteins).


at your cars age i would not be surprised that it needs new shocks and struts.

what do you mean “when driving” do you mean when you are steering, it sways, or does it sort of change direction as you are holding the wheel straight?

do your tires show any abnormal wear patterns?

do you see the front of the car rcok up and down when going over speed bumps? when you go over a speed bump how many times does the car bounce? and how much does it bounce each time? a typical car will bounce maybe two or three times, with each time less and less than the previous one.

the bouncing (or lack therof) is indicative of the condition of the struts/shocks.

the veering of the car side to side is indicative of a front end alignment problem (and the associated bushings, links, sway bars, etc, etc)