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Struts for a 1999 Toyota Corola

I have a 1999 Toyota Corola with about 152,780 on it. My Trusted Mechanic says that if I am going to keep the car it would be a good idea to get the front and rear struts replaced because the ones I have now are the original. He told me that I could get at least another 150k to 200k out of the vehicle as long as i keep doing the preventive mantnince i have been doing. Is he correct.

He is absolutely correct that proper preventive maintenance increase the lifespan of the car. My Corolla struts never made it to 150K, so the mechanic may be correct in your needing new ones at this particular point in time. However, I would expect him to outline the symptoms/issues he saw that led to this recommendation.

That said, if you are going to keep the car as long as you can, then make sure you get lifetime warranted struts. That way you are only out labor if they fail prematurely.