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2011 Toyota Corolla feels like a roller coaster on bumps

About a month or two ago my Toyota corolla 2011 S started to make me feel like I was on a roller coaster when I went over any bump or small defect on the road. I have has new front struts put in and its been realigned several times and its still riding rough. I have about 50,000 miles on my car.

I’d say if you had new struts installed at the REAR at the same time, that bouncy-bouncy you feel may not be there. So is it roller-coastery now or before? Was it rough before or now?

I’d say that 50K is WAY too early to replace the struts. Lemme guess, you were at a chain store like Midas or Pep Boys and they INSISTED that your struts were shot 'cause the factory stuff doesn’t last more than 50K and they were having a sale on the Monroe replacement struts for $400 installed and they just happened to have them in stock? So does your Corolla ride “rough” now where it was roller-coastery before?

Please post back, I can’t suggest changes unless I know which scenario is correct.