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2008 Toyota Camry

My rear struts are bad at only 43,000 miles. I’ve also had brake rotor issues. I am a good driver & this will also be my 3rd set of new tires. Is this reasonable? I would understand if I were hauling heavy things or driving on bumpy roads or something, but I don’t believe this is a normal repair? It wasn’t for any of my other Toyotas. Anyone know more? or have same issues?

I don’t have a camry, I have a corolla, but my coworker has an 08 camry and its a great car. I want new tires on mine because I would like snow tires

No, it isn’t reasonable… The struts should last much longer, as should the tires.

That said, I’m VERY lucky if I get 20,000 miles out of a set of front struts on my 1998 before they blow out the mounts… lousy quickstruts…

Thanks! I thought so…
the dealership will be seeing me on Monday!

I love Toyota, but my '96 ran way better with 290,000 miles than my 2008! With less problems too. Should have kept it!

It’s only normal if you participate in mountain road rallys or demolition derbys. As other say, struts are good fro up to 100,000 miles, and most tires, even cheap ones will go 30,000-40,000 miles before you need new ones.

The struts on our Nissan with 127,000 miles are still original and working fine.

Thanks! That’s what I’ve been told. I know the tires are low profile & have to be changed more often, but this is just crazy. I’m going to give the Toyota dealership a piece of my mind on Monday morning! : )

Bear in mind, the dealership didn’t design or build your car, they just try to fix them and they are pretty much at the mercy of the factory rep. Japanese cars have been very reliable in the past but now they are building cars in GM like numbers they are slipping,
Corporate Japanese culture seems to be very reluctant to admit that there is any possibility that anything is wrong with their cars.
As far as your tire wear, I have read of alignment problems with late model Camrys and Corollas.