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Strut top noise

What does this ring do normally? It is on top of cartridge so the rubber bumper might hit it if the shock is in full compression. On a level road it is not touched? Yes my front rattles a lot but I can’t believe this piece is causing all the noise I hear

The piece is in place on the other strut. I suppose if a metal part rusts off maybe it is a clue about how sketchy the suspension is. It sounds like both control arms have no bushings. Or maybe the subframe is missing a few mounting bolts. I have checked everything. But everything I see looks original.

I guess I’d suspect the upper strut mount. They can be pretty noisy and I’m not sure how you check them. Unlike me though, it’s a good idea to change them with the struts instead of having to do the job twice.

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strut mounts and new struts sorta leans to new strut assy’s.

What you are holding is a “jounce plate.” Its job is to provide a nice flat surface for the jounce bumper to hit. Some jounce bumpers - the foamy thing above that plate - are quite long and contact the plate in as little as an inch from rest. The force it makes is very non -linear so you don’t really feel is hit. The jounce bumper can used to provide extra spring rate. They can be pretty noisy on some cars if loose.

The strut mount can also produce a lot of noise. Usually it sounds like a bunch of 2x4’s in the engine bay flopping around. The engineering technical term we used to use is “loose lumber noise.” :smile: They may even look OK, when they aren’t.

I’d say Quick Struts are the easiest solution here. All new parts, no rust.

yes, time for new struts. might fix noise, might not.

I presume you are referring to a part that’s not shown in the photos above, right?

Yessir! The thing we can’t see under that dust boot he’s holding up Apparently it is still attached to the strut mount - a good sign - or it’s gone entirely. I’ve seen them turned to crumbles and blow away!

i avoid potholes and manhole depressions. Was on road today with many MH’s in pass tire lane and noticed the thump is much more solid with pass tire hit. So I hit a few bumps with driver tire and ring/buzz/shudder. So, 1 side of suv is the issue.

just got back from shop. had nox on lift. tech said pass side control arm bushing is loose and struts are due for replacement. i changed driver side bushing/ball joint 2 weeks ago and it made zero difference. pass side looks about the same for condition. he said the rattle noise i hear is sorta too be expected. new struts would perhaps make it sound a bit better. he checked all the motor mounts and used a pry bar to try and deflect them and got no metal/clang sound. he said mounts are a bit mushy but not to the point of noisy

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In an ideal world you’d have access to a big shaking machine, like is used to analyze building for earthquake safety, that you could put your nox on to determine where the rattle is coming from. Absent that, it appears the best method is to start replacing parts using educated guesses. Worse case, even if the rattle remains, at least you’ll have new struts and control arm bushings. Best of luck.

Might want to check the hood latch btw.

Your mechanic is spot on about the struts, and sounds like he checked everything thoroughly.

You mean like one of these? They are incredibly useful machines! And VERY expensive!!

Add 3 more actuators and you can simulate aero loading as well!

Got 2 nice 17" gm alloys with 90% tires at yard today for $33. Rims could use some buffing though. I did see 3-4 nox’s with missing front struts. Who buys used struts?

If your own struts are shot, money is tight, and you happen to see the same car with struts that are obviously very recent in the junk yard, and it’s 1/2 price weekend . . .

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I have yet to to see non wasted struts for a vue and I have been looking for 5 yrs? only been looking for 2 months for my nox. but almost all of the yard nox’s have missing struts. i cant tell from afar whether a rusty strut is good. mine is rusty and i think it is not good
yes, shiny struts is a good clue

I’ve seen lots of cars in the junkyard that have struts that are obviously nearly new

Here’s the scenario . . . you’ve done an amazing job maintaining the car over the years, then some dope rearends you, totaling the car. Now those nearly new parts are in the junkyard, just waiting for somebody to get them

Interesting. I’d have never guessed such a machine existed. Except perhaps at NASA to test their Mars rovers, or perhaps at one of the major manufacturer’s automobile R&D design facility.

NASCAR teams have been using shakers for 20 years to develop their suspensions.

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Ordered a pair. Any new strut should be better than my current old parts