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Strut/spring replacement

While replacing the strut/spring assembly on my son’s front wheel drive 94 Cadillac Deville I cannot get the brake caliber/wheel assembly to rotate back into proper position.
what’s happening?

You may have allowed the knuckle to hang so low that the outer CV joint came apart inside the boot.

I’ve always supported the knuckle with a jack stand or blocks while the job is being done.
You also should not allow the entire weight of the knuckle to hang from the flexible brake line.

You may have to replace the axle shaft.



And you may want to replace that brake hose, too. Letting all that weight hang on a 22 year old brake hose is a very bad thing.

Holy strained brake line Batman!!!
NEVER let the weight of that assembly hang by the brake line!

I use bailing wire, bungee cords, jack etc to support the weight while I’m working.

Try rotating the rotor slightly back and forth as you work it back into position.

Than go get a new flexible brake line…

You may have pulled the inner CV joint apart. Try rotating the brake rotor while pushing the axle in toward the tranny,

Yikes! I saw the photo and almost fell off my chair!
Sincere thanks for the photo. I agree with the advice you’ve been given re: both the inner CV joint and the brake line. Those flexible lines aren’t meant to support that weight, and this one is better changed that trusted. And be sure you bleed the line after.

Suggestion: while I commend your willingness to do projects, you’ll save a lot of time, money, and aggravation if you do some research before embarking on another project of this magnitude. There are things about all jobs that should be discovered before picking up the wrench.

Yep, I managed to pull on the axle once and pulled the inner joint apart. There was nothing else for me to do except go down and get a new one.