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Strut removal, not rebuilding, yes, 240Z

You did remember the project. I don’t want to repair the strut, I have replacements on hand. The suspension arm ends with a spindle with wheel-side attachment at the ends (both nuts removed), and arm attachment in the middle. In the middle of the spindle is a bolt/stud (no hex head) that appears to secure the spindle in the arm. This is what I can’t break loose. I figured C-clamps at the ends with a stout bar between them could push the stud up through the arm. This is all a few inches away from the strut.

Does this look familiar?

You’ll notice the use of the spring clamps in this portion:
“Front struts can be removed in the order: 1) lift car, 2) remove wheel, 3) detach anti-sway bar, 4) detach compression rod, 5) detach steering tie rod, 6) detach brake line, 7) separate lower strut assembly from the transverse link, 8) detach strut mounting insulator from the strut tower, 9) remove the strut assembly from the wheel well, 10) compress the spring, 11) remove the self locking strut piston nut, 12) remove strut packing gland, 13) remove strut from strut assembly. For an image showing some of these parts click Front Well.”

My impression was that you were thinking of using the C clamps to compress the springs. That would not be wise.