The struts on that Z

Sorry for a new topic, but the reply function doesn’t play well with my phone. Renting/borrowing a compressor sounds easier than what’s in the book. I can’t help but thinking that supporting the spindle end of the arm with the jack, removing the spindle and lowering the jack to free the strut must be in there for a reason. Or should I just go to that Irish parts store and borrow/rent a compressor?

What they’re doing is using the jack to compress the apring, removing the spindle and backing of the jack to allow the sring to fully decompress to the limit of the strut assembly, and then removing the assembly.

You’ll need the clamps to pull the spring from the strut anyway, and I think it’s safer to also use them to compress the assembly for removal…that’s if you have the free space around the struts to do so. Clamps aren’t expensive anyway.