240Z, 2 challenges

This car’s new to me, and comes with a couple issues. 1. In replacing the rear struts, what removes the bolt in the center of the spindle? The nut came off fairly easy, i see no hex head, and gentle application of percussive maintenance accomplish nothing. B. The passenger door won’t open from outside; feels like handle and rod have separated. I can’t figure out how to separate inside latch handle from panel. Anyone got advice?

You must first compress the spring (using a special tool made for this purpose) before you can remove the strut…The entire assembly comes out, spring and all…

The door latch handle will be removable (screws may be hidden) or the panel will slip off from around it, leaving the handle in place.

I’d recommend gettting good quality spring clamps for this. The springs under compression and can be dangerous if not clamped securely.