Strut bolts installed backward

I need to do the front brakes on my 90 Delta 88 (FWD) soon. I pulled a wheel to take a look at what’s involved, and I found that the two big strut-to-knuckle bolts are installed backward, so the nuts are on the wrong side. The threaded end of one bolt blocks the top caliper bolt, so I can’t get a socket on it.

I know if I remove both strut-to-knuckle bolts, I’ll lose the camber setting. Can I reverse them one at a time (remove one bolt, reverse, re-torque, then do the other) without throwing out the alignment?

-Andrew L

Yes. Do them one at a time and the alignment will be maintained.


I would also suggest marking around the bolt head/nuts onto the knuckle before starting - just in case. It may be “naturally” marked by general grime, but having some marker for correct position couldn’t hurt.

That’s the answer I wanted to hear. Thanks!

-Andrew L