Quick Strut mounting bolts?


I am replacing the front struts on my 2000 Plymouth Voyager with Monroe Quick Struts. One web site says that I “may” have to replace the two lower mounting bolts. One person at the parts store said that this was unnecessary while another clerk who said he used to work at a dodge dealer said that you “always” have to replace them. I understand that these are used to help set the alignment. So do I have to replace them or not? Has anyone replaced the struts on a similar vehicle?


You do not need to replace these bolts.

Now the place that does the alignment might tell you another story. They are going to insist that the bolts need to be replaced with “camber adjusting bolts”. They will give you a number of reasons why but the real reason they want to sell you these bolts is so they can increase their profit margins.

I’ve done alignments for years and while the new bolts can make the alignment easier they are not needed to perform the alignment. I’ve done probably hundreds of alignments without the new bolts and have never had one problem in making an adjustment. Plus the adjustments will hold just fine with the old bolts.


Thanks, that is exactly what I wanted to hear from someone who’s actually done this. Thanks!