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Strong gas smell

First start-up in morning there is a strong smell of gas. Not when driving. Stopped at a light, the smell sometimes (50%) returns.

I have a 2001 Pontiac Trans Am fordor with standard six cylinder and AT, with 113 K miles. The amount of fuel in tank doesn’t seem to matter.

What I’ve done:

My mechanic, who is very good, smelled gas when he first started it, but was unable to smell gas after that and for 11/2 days. He checked all fuel lines/connectors and found no leaks. He has a niggling suspicion it could be the vapor recovery system.

My wife primarily drives the car and getting her to check mileage at fill-up is like lifting the car over my head.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice.

Are you sure?

You need a different mechanic, a simple smoke test will solve this.

is it related to Andy’s 4 door Pinto? :grinning:

I’m not picturing a visual on this engine off the top of my head, but fuel pressure regulator is where I would start looking. My engine is different, but that is the symptoms I had when my regulator went bad.

That’s next on the agenda. If we’re on the same wavelength, he hs equipment that’s too new to check, but can be “adapted” to do what I believe you are suggesting.

Thank you, but please continue.

I’m not sure he did that, but a quick phone call and a request is in order.

Thank you

Not sure what that means, but a smoke test is not a big deal. I still say you need a different mechanic because not all fuel lines and connections can be seen.
Is this actually a 2001 four door Grand AM ?

VOLVO, it’s the smaller brother: Trans Am, four door. Sorry, I don’t know the engine and the wife just left.

TransAm’s DO NOT have 4 doors…

Ooooop! Yeah, you’re correct. Grand Am and I’m confusing with the Grand Prix (I think).