Gas smell in the car while its running

I have a Pontiac Grand Am SE (V6) with 130,000 miles. Everything seems to be just fine (except that I replaced a dead battery 2 weeks ago) till this afternoon. While I was driving home all of a sudden I started smelling the gas in the car. Never happened it before. Is it likely that there is a gas leak? but I have no idea where it could be…and no clue how much it might cost me to fix the problem?

Did you just fill up the tank before you smelled gas?

It could be something simple. Open the hood and sniff the engine. If you can localize the smell, point it out to a mecnanic. A fuel leak left unrepaired can cause an engine fire—then, the car would be totalled.

Yes I just filled up the tank 2 days ago. Does it have anything to do with it?

Has the gas smell gone away?

I just moved my car and found a spot on where it was parked. It looks like the spot was at the center part of my car. Since it’s dark outside now, I touched it with my fingers and smelled it. I think it was the gas… which park could the leak come from? Any idea?

Have you ever had the fuel filter replaced? I think you have a small leak in the system somewhere, and it should not be a great expense to find it and fix it.

fuel filter? Is that something that is supposed to be replaces while I get the oil change? I did the oil change on December, 2009…

The oil change places change oil, a fuel filter and trans fluid change, coolant flush etc are specified in the manual for your car. They will typically check an air filter but a gas filter is not subject to visual inspection so you as the owner need to look and see what other maintenance is needed as specified in the manual in the glove box.

I see. I need to check the manual and see what it says about the gas filter… I don’t even know where the gas filter is located. Not a car guy here… :frowning:

But I appreciate your recommendation!!

This is the photo of my car where I found it’s leaking…

The part where it’s leaking is shown in the red arrow… anybody knows what the hose is for?