Grand Am Gas Smell

My sister has a 2004 Grand Am that has a persistent gas smell. She has taken it to two different shops with no luck. It is driving her crazy and she feels like she will just have to trade it in if she can not find an answer. Any thoughts?

I would replace the fuel injector o-rings. Also, have the evap system smoke tested. I take it she has no engine lights on?

Have the evaporative emissions system smoke tested. Gas vapor may be escaping through a cracked hose or component in the evaporative emissions system, and smoke testing will pinpoint the leak.

One other possible source is a leaking fuel injector seal. But if two shops have already been stumped, most likely it’s the above.

Gotta agree. Is she one of those people that continues to top the gas off after the nozzel clicks? If not the evap system, she may need to detail when exactly the smell occurs and from where a little better so they have something to go on. I had a tank that had a leak on the top and it would only seep gas when the tank was filled. So when she smells it, open the hood and attempt to pin point a little more where it might be coming from.

I once had the fuel pressure regulator develop an external leak. The engine heat quickly evaporates the fuel so you have to be watching for it. The smell was worst right after shutdown. Usually they leak through the diaphragm and the fuel gets burned.

Is the smell a raw gasoline smell or is it the acrid smell of a too rich exhaust?

Any rough idle, smoke out the exhaust, etc? If not, then I agree with the others about a possible injector leak or fault with the evaporative emissions system.

“persistent” means to me that the odor never goes away.

can we get an idea of where the odor comes from? more info?

also - and this is an honest question - what makes everyone generally confident that the visits to these two shops rules out … anything but the injectors or evap system?

Thanks to all you folks, it was the evap system, the smoke test found it. She really appreciates your input!